Application Process

Application to Rent:

Citadel Property Stewards processes applications for a property in the order that they are received. The first applicant that has qualified using Citadel Property Stewards proprietary screening process and has provided the full security deposit as well as the first monthís rent, receives the property as a resident. Please note that incomplete applications or references not returning phone calls promptly slow the screening process and could result in another applicant being chosen.

In order to speed up the application process, we recommend that you have these materials with you when you come to view a house:

Driverís License number
Current rental managerís name and phone number
All addresses and Rental Manager names and numbers for the last three years
Current Supervisorís name
Your current gross income
Address of current employment
Previous employment information (supervisorís name and number, your gross income and                      business address and number) for the previous three years
Three Personal references: name, address and phone number.

All applications should be mailed to P.O. Box 341, Camarillo, Ca 93011 or dropped off in person. Please contact Brittany Olshove at 805.616.5249 for further information. 




What We are Looking for in a Potential Resident:

Please allow three to five business days for application processing. These are the steps of a typical applicant screen:

1.Check for complete application. Note that we do call ALL of your references and do not consider the screening process complete until we have talked with your current supervisor, previous supervisor (if applicable), your current residential manager, your previous residential manager (if applicable) and three personal references. Having to call you to get the necessary information will slow down the process significantly.

2.Run a credit report. An email will be sent to you asking you to approve Citadel Property Stewards to review your credit information. The faster you respond to this email, the faster we can begin analyzing your report. Please be aware that a bad credit score does not automatically exclude you. We understand that because of the economy, very few people have perfect credit. Our responsible renter formula takes into account all aspects of your application so we review an overall picture.

3.Call References. Because the speed of the application process is largely dependent on talking with references, it is in your best interest to let your references that we will be calling them. Give them our phone number so that they know who is calling and if they do miss our call please ask them to call us back as quickly as possible so that we can finish your screening.

4.Tenant selection. The first applicant whose application completes the screening process and has all of the criteria according to our responsible renter formula and provides the full security deposit and first monthís rent will be chosen as the new resident.



Contact Us

Citadel Property Stewards LLC
P.O. Box 341
Camarillo, Ca 93011

Property Owners:
Richard Olshove
DRE# 01935270
(805) 419-0252

Brittany Olshove
DRE# 01902315
(805) 616-5249