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The careful management of a valuable asset entrusted
to one's care.

Vision Statement:

We increase your free time and income and provide our residents better living by stewarding rental properties.


Time is the most precious commodity on earth.  You just donít have nearly enough. You can recapture your precious time and avoid tenant issues through exclusive property management services with Citadel Property Stewards. Citadel Property Stewards is a full service property management company dedicated to serving owners in Ventura County. Some of the specific benefits you receive as our client are:

- You avoid legal troubles and receive the highest quality residents due to a careful and proprietary screening process built from over four decades of successful property management.

- You increase your profit through fewer costly repairs and longer resident stays with rigorous repair practices and a comprehensive screening process.  

- You pay management fees only when your property is rented.

- You receive an inclusive management contract with no hidden fees or up-charging.

- You avoid conflicts of interest since Citadel Property Stewards is focused solely on property management and we do not sell properties.

- We partner with you by ensuring our company incentives are aligned with your success. 

Citadel Property Stewards has an uncompromising commitment to steward your investment and will partner with you to make owning investment property a lucrative and rewarding experience.

Service Areas:

Ventura, Camarillo, Somis, Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Westlake Village


As a resident you receive the best living experience for your money. You will find living in a Citadel Property Stewards property comfortable and pleasant. All properties under our care are kept in excellent condition and we would happily live in them ourselves. As properties become vacant, we do thorough inspections, re-key locks and refresh the property to bring it up to our high standard of quality prior to scheduling showings.

We pride ourselves in the fact that when you call Citadel Property Stewards with a problem, you do not fight with a touchtone phone menu. Instead, you are directed to your Property Steward or will receive a quick return phone call. We look forward to have you as a resident in one of our properties!