Company Vision

“We increase your free time and income and provide our residents better living by stewarding rental properties.”

Citadel Property Stewards is a new breed of company purely focused on providing uncompromising property stewardship services. The core goal of a steward is to preserve, protect and increase your income and property value. Our focus is seen in our approach, company incentives and business practices for caring for your property. We have specific company incentives such as not selling property, not collecting fees from you for an empty property, having an inclusive contract with no hidden fees and focusing only on property management to ensure our success is aligned with yours. In addition to incentives, our business practices of personally verifying all repairs, a time tested screening policy to find the best residents and reducing vacancies ensure the long term care of your property.

As a resident, you receive a property that is well cared for and a pleasure to live in. Every Citadel Property Stewards rental property is one we ourselves would love to live in. You enjoy this high standard of property stewardship since everything is working and any repair work is completed in a timely fashion. You get personal attention from company management to ensure you are enjoying your stay. Citadel Property Stewards develops relationships between investors, service providers, residents and neighbors to ensure the best quality of property management and living. Through property management services we provide better living to residents through quality, well cared for homes.

Our Purpose:

By hiring Citadel Property Stewards you receive a company focused on your success. Many other companies have mixed incentives such as selling properties or charging you for an empty house! These mixed incentives creep in to reduce the attention and care your property receives. In turn, this reduces your income and increases your expenses. Citadel Property Stewards does not sell homes or charge fees for an empty house.

A key part of property management is selecting the correct residents. Citadel Property Stewards employs a proprietary screening practice for resident selection developed from over 40 years of California property management experience. Finding the best residents ensures predictable income, reduced vacancies and lower repair costs. With our professional management you can rest well knowing that you are going to stay out of legal troubles.

In addition to avoiding vacancies, the correct resident helps to minimize repair work and reduce long term maintenance costs. If repairs are needed, we are uniquely qualified to restore your property to excellent condition. With years of hands-on repair knowledge, Citadel Property Stewards is equipped and focused on maintaining a high repair quality standard. You receive on-site expert review of all repair work from our service providers to ensure adherence to this high standard.

At its core, property management should provide substantial value to the investor, the resident and the community. Citadel Property Stewards is the leader at ensuring your property is properly cared for. Stewardship is the core of our business. Our priority is, and always remains, caring for your property needs.

About Us:

rich and britt1We have been repairing homes for years as well as participating in our family's 40+ year residential property business. Since we own investment property ourselves, we are all too familiar with the daily troubles of caring for it. First hand investor knowledge, an UCLA Anderson MBA, as well as a mechanical engineering degree equip us well to steward your property.

We are a Christian based husband and wife run company. Our purpose is to steward your property and make you successful. As a result of our faith, the principle of stewardship has a stronger meaning than simply managing someone else’s property. We strongly believe that our responsibility is to faithfully use our gifts, talents and resources to steward your property and make you successful. We weigh every decision, conversation and action knowing we are accountable to you, the owner. We pledge to steward your property as if it is our own and guarantee that you will not be disappointed.


Contact Us

Citadel Property Stewards LLC
P.O. Box 341
Camarillo, Ca 93011

Property Owners:
Richard Olshove
DRE# 01935270
(805) 419-0252

Brittany Olshove
DRE# 01902315
(805) 616-5249